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Omni Office Tech is a Colorado based company, fully licensed and insured. Our customers are an eclectic range from Fortune 500 companies in the Denver area, to small businesses in rural Colorado. From nation wide service companies to independent mountain resorts deep in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, we take care of them all. We provide the following types services...


*Voice Communications Equipment & PBX installation of Avaya, Cisco, Nortel, and VoIP systems.

Omni Office Tech has a long history of installing and servicing communications systems.  Whether you need a new system or service to your current system, give us a call! Whether its one of our flagship products, like the Avaya IP Office, or one of many other systems we service, such as Cisco, NEC, Nortel, Shoretel, and more, we can take care of all your system needs.  From adding a single telephone, to a multi-site environment, we have you covered.  We deal in not only New systems but also factory refurbished as well. 

Installation of office equipment such as projectors, TV's, AV and multi-media.

Offices are much more than telephones and notepads.  You need the ability to communicate and work in a modern environment. Whether it is adding a projector or TV in a conference room, or installing a high quality glass surface white board, we can take care of all your office needs.

Data Network Setup

Whether you want to go completely to the cloud, or you use local servers within your business, we are here to lend a hand. Management of your data equipment and hardware can be a nightmare sometimes. Let us, or one of our certified partners ease your burden and manage things for you.  From server storage to upgrading your Wifi network we can help!

*Structured cable, including Cat 5/6 and fiber optic cable.

Whether you need one? or 1000, we install high quality Category 5/6 network cable which is installed and tested to each clients requirements and needs. We can design your new data room, or rework your existing one to insure maximum efficiency.  When needed, we install up to date fiber optic cable to interconnect multiple floors, suites, and buildings.  We can install a custom cable plan based on your specifications, including such things as in-ground conduit and aerial connections between buildings.  Our installers are experienced and nationally certified. 

Office furniture installation, moves, adds, and changes.

Whether you are needing an upgrade to your current setup, and addition or deletion, or just a simple reconfigure of furniture, we can do that for you.  From cubicles to custom work stations, we have a setup that is right for you. 


Local Voice and Internet Service

You would be surprised at how many business and people are over paying for for their voice and internet service.  We can help you save money!!  By working with our service provider partners, we can explore the best options for you based on price and service.  You decided what is the best value for you, and its all free from us.  Contact us for more info. 

*Service and Repair, Moves, Adds, & Changes.

Your business never plans on a service outage or equipment breaking, but it happens, and usually at the most crucial time!  We are available 24/7 for your service needs.  Just call our office at 720-372-3726.

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